Ye Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update : Kabir to marry Raushni

Ye Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update. 
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The Episode starts with Kabir saying I will teach Aman how to play a game. He takes Roshni’s disguise. Aman asks for Baazigar. Parveen says maybe Kabir disappeared him. Aman asks how will I save Tabeezi and Roshni. Roshni comes saying Khan baba….. She hugs him. Aman gets happy and hugs her. He asks do you remember everything, it means Kabir…. She asks do you still think of Kabir at this time. He says our family is in danger, Baazigar is missing, Tabeezi’s life is in danger, once I solve this, you won’t have any problem. Dadi hugs Roshni. Everyone smiles.Chotu comes and says I found Baazigar. Kabir thinks Aman will be busy with Baazigar now. Aman asks Parveen to keep an eye on Kabir. Aman comes to study and sees Baazigar. He says Tabeezi needs us. He sees Baazigar behaving strange. His eyes turn blue. He asks did Kabir do this, no, why would he leave Baazigar here if he wants my powers.

Dadi asks what happened. Aman says Kabir doesn’t want my powers, but Roshni. Parveen says Kabir isn’t at home, I think he left. Aman says it means Kabir took Roshni, that wasn’t Roshni…. He recalls Kabir’s words. He recalls everything. He says one who has a heart of an angel doesn’t upset dear ones. Farah says I got mum from the hospital, she got conscious. Aman and everyone go to see Aman. Tabeezi says tomorrow is the star shower night. She closes eyes. Its morning, Aman says we all have to stay alert today. Baazigar flies around. Aman asks everyone to shut the doors and windows, run. Everyone does so.

Aman aims at Baazigar. Dadi asks what are you doing, Baazigar is your brother. Aman says I have to get Baazigar back, he is my best friend and brother. He shoots the arrows at Baazigar. He recalls Tabeezi’s words and throws the powder to make the cloud. Kabir comes there and call out Baazigar. Baazigar goes to him. Aman gets shocked seeing Roshni and Baazigar with Kabir.
Aman goes to hold Roshni. She pushes him away. He says please come back to me, you told once that we have a heart connection, think once, it will overpower any magic, for my sake, just think once. Kabir pushes him away. Dadi holds Aman. Kabir asks Roshni not to worry. He says what a relief, there is no drama of goodness now, it hurts, I m bad, I want to become the worst, you met real Kabir, the day I killed you all.
Kabir says you are useless, you came back, no need to worry now, no blood shed today, because I got my life, my love, Roshni…. Aman says don’t dare to look at her, else I will kill you. Kabir says you realize how you feel when someone else has your right, your love is with someone else, it hurts right, I will kill you and free you from this pain, I want to give you a last gift, Roshni and my marriage gift. Aman and everyone get shocked.
Aman shouts Roshni is mine. Kabir says your Roshni is dead, she is my Roshni, I will marry her. Aman gets angry. Parveen thinks they both got mad for Ayana, I need them, they should be together. Salma asks Roshni not to believe Kabir. Kabir asks what are you saying, what’s my mistake, I took your life and broke your trust, why are you feeling bad, I came back thinking its my house, you all don’t love me, you all would be happy for Aman’s marriage. Dadi says Kabir… Kabir hurts Aman. He says now no one shall question me, I just want to marry Roshni. Parveen thinks to stop Kabir. Kabir says tie Aman with chains, I want him to attend the marriage peacefully, Qazi would be coming, Salma make Roshni ready. Parveen says we agree to save Aman’s life. Kabir says no one shall enter or leave from this house. He locks the house by his powers. Aman sees Roshni.

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