Kundali Bhagya 7th January 2020 Written Episode Written Update Letest

Kundali Bhagya 7th January 2020 Written Episode Written Update Letest, Written Update on 

In the last episode we saw how Robbers enter the hall and scare everyone. They take away mobiles and jewellery from everyone. Rishabh tries to negotiate with the robbers, but it goes futile as they tie him up. Prithvi runs away from the hall but ultimately lands up in the corridor and gets saved from being noticed by the robber. Karan enters the hall to save everyone along with Preeta.

Karan reaches the hall corridor and tries to figure out where the robbers are. Prithvi notices him and again hides from him. Prithvi grabs the mask which the robbers left behind. Karan turns back and notices Prithvi playing with the mask. He goes towards him, as Prithvi sees him, he runs away. Karan thinks Prithvi is crazy. Prithvi also thinks about it and considers the mask as important as no one will know that Prithvi was here. He will also get saved from Sherlin.
Preeta is seen waiting for Karan. She recalls the swear given by Karan to her. She also thinks about the gun shots and all. She decides to call inside. Rishabh is tied with ropes. Srishti wonders what to do next. She complains to Karina about coming to the hall. Karina also regrets about it. The Kumkum Bhagya hall is considered to be lucky as the marriages which take place over here are never broken. Sristhi manages to escape and runs towards the corridor. One of the robbers spots her. She bumps into Karan. She tells him that there are robbers with gun inside the hall. Karan agrees that Srishti doesn’t like him. She says that once he patches up with Preeta, she shall start liking him. Karan orders her to stay back as he shall go inside the hall. Srishti ignores his orders.

The robber runs into the corridor to find Srishti. He bumps into Prithvi and considers him to be his boss. He questions him as to where he was and why did he change his clothes. Prithvi just looks at him and goes away. Due to this, Karan and Srishti find a chance to go the opposite way. Two robbers are looking for the bride’s room. They find it and point gun at them.
Preeta stops Karan and Srishti and tells them that she shall accompany them. Srishti is shocked seeing Preeta over here. She says she is here because of Karan. Srishti understands that Karan had bounded Preeta by swearing on his life and says there is nothing like swearing. She says Preeta should accompany them inside. Karan is still not convinced. He wants Preeta to make a heart by her hand and see his face through it and tell him that he is the most handsome and cutest guy. Preeta does whatever he says and Karan loves it. He is stunned that Preeta is listening to whatever he says. He drags her inside and they both are close to each other. Srishti becomes uncomfortable and tells them to proceed inside.

A robber inquires Daadi whether Sarla’s daughter has been married to anyone from their group. He says that everyone is complaining about the hall and he has heard that the groom married the girl of this hall’s owner. Daadi and Mahira get offended and they tell the robber to mind their own business. One of the robbers goes to washroom. Preeta locks him. Karan mocks her that anyone can free him. Srishti convinces that a particular room is Groom’s room.
Prithvi enters the hall along with another robber. He enjoys Rishabh being tied to the chair. He takes a gun from one of the robbers and fires a bullet in the air. He orders that now everything will happen according to him. One of the robber questions about his identity. He slaps him and says no one shall question him. He considers the other robbers to be stupid. He heads towards Rishabh and points a gun at him. The show ends as Rishabh keeps thinking why this robber has a grudge against him.

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