Kundali Bhagya 21 September 2020 Written Episode Update : Preeta says she knows how cunning

Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Preeta says she can understand Mahira and Sheryn becoming mad just thinking how everyone liked her sweet dish. She explains how she suspected seeing them in the kitchen and realized they mixed chilly powder in her dish so she added salt in Mahira’s sweet dish. Mahira says but they added chilly powder still her dish was good how.

Preeta says she knows how cunning they are so to fight against them she need to be smart, she is not innocent Preeta arora who used to listen all their tantrums now she is Preeta Karan Luthra who can fight against them without any fear. She says she made two sweet dish and already put one in fridge and in another one only they made their innovation and she served her first sweet dish to everyone.

She says everyone liked her sweet dish except Kareena, that’s okay but no one liked Mahira’s sweet dish not even Kareena. She says Sherlyn tasted Mahira’s sweet dish and teasingly asks how was it. She says she already won her first fight. She asks Mahira to imagine what will happen if Preeta decided to throw her out of the house.

Seeing her reaction Preeta says, Mahira need not to worry for now because today she is happy and wanna celebrate her happiness so she will challenge her later. She warns Sherlyn to change now itself because later she may want to change but won’t get the chance. She says they put lot of efforts to stop her becoming Preeta Karan Luthra but could not and she won’t stay silent too from now on and will fight against them.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update On

She says they can’t separate her from Karan instead she will live with him in Luthra house only even though she has to face lot of problems and they can’t do anything about it. She teasingly tells them to taste her sweet dish and leaves from there.

Kareena opposes the idea of Karan’s reception. Krithika agrees with Kareena and says considering the situation it won’t be a good idea. Karan asks Servant to give him cool drink and he leaves from there seeing Preeta there. Preeta tells the servant to not give cool drink to Karan saying his condition is not good.

Kareena tells Preeta to stay in her limits and says if Karan wants to drink soft drinks then he will drink she is no one to stop him. Dadi says Rakhi took some decision. Rakhi says they decided to do ‘Muh Dikhai’ and reception together, it’s a rituals so it’s necessary to do.

Hearing her Mahira shocks and Preeta smiles. Preeta thinks Rakhi trying to show cold behavior but her face innocence tells everything. Kareena says she is against this decision and leaves from there angrily. Mahira gets irritated thinking now reception too will happen.

Rishab tells Sherlyn that she always wanted to be a good sister in law now he is expecting from her that she will help Preeta to get love and respect from everyone. Sameer thinks first time something good happening in Preeta’s favor. Preeta thinks she did nothing but already so much happening against Mahira and if she starts to do something then she can’t even imagine what will happen.

Mahira tells Sherlyn that she will destroy Preeta’s existence and will make sure to feel her regret for entering Luthra house. Sameer informs Sristy about Preeta’s reception. Sarla gets relived thinking Luthra’s accepting Preeta that’s why performing all the rituals. Sristy gets sad knowing Arora’s not invited yet. Sarla consoles the crying Sristy.

Kareena and Dadi praises Rakhi for handling everything perfectly. Karan asks the Servant where is his cool drink when Servant replied Preeta denied to give it to him he gets angry. Krithika tells Servant to not listen Preeta. Sristy angrily goes to her room. Janki follows her saying she will convince her. Sarla says she is happy for Preeta even though she can’t be a part of her happiness.

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