Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka | 20th Sep 2020 Written Episode Update : The moment Arman receives his heart

In the previous Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka episode, Roshni and her family are trying to defeat the Jinn. The family is trying to save Aman’s child Arman from the Jinn. The whole family is trying to save Arman. Read on to know what happens in the Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka latest episode.

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka written update

The latest Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka episode starts with baby Arman getting his heart back. The moment he gets the heart the family heaves a huge sigh of relief. The moment Arman receives his heart, Roshni starts walking towards the Jinn and warns the Jinn that he will not survive anymore. Everyone tells Arman to kill the Jinn. But Jinn tells Roshni and her family, that Arman is too young and he cannot use his powers.

When Roshni and Aman realise this they start walking towards the Jinn to kill him. But they all fail and crash on the ground. The Jinn then starts walking towards Arman to kill him, since he was meant to kill the demon. But the moment the Jinn attacks Arman, Roshni pulls him back. This angers the Jinn and in a shocking turn of events, he plans to kill everybody.

But his second attempt fails as Arman uses his powers and attacks the Jinn. The Jinn bursts into flames but starts laughing. This leaves everybody puzzles. Aman tries to end the Jinn once and for all with his sword, but he fails. Arman comes to his rescue and kills the Jinn. The moment the Jinn dies, the entire family celebrates this win.

Aman, Roshni, and their family shower Arman with love. Dadi says that little Arman rectified his Dadaji’s mistake. Shayari soon starts explaining to everybody how Arman defeated the Jinn. Soon the family stops discussing this battle and continues with their celebrations. But their celebrations are cut short, as all the lights in the house start blinking. The family rushes out of the house and they notice a message from Ilm-e-jinn.

The message says that hell’s door is now open. Rubina reveals that this is the reason the Jinn was laughing in his last moments. The family is shocked by the revelation. Soon they start searching for the door and plan to close it once and for all. They follow a water trail and finally stumbles across the door. Roshni tries to close it with her powers but Rubina explains to her that the door will not close unless they send the escaped Jinn back to hell.

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