Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update : Rehan gets shocked seeing a flying dragon

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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka : The Episode starts with Aman saying we will keep an eye on her, she can attack anyone. Rehan says we will keep an eye on her turn by turn, you can come when I get tired, take care of Armaan. Tabeezi asks him to be careful, she is much dangerous. Rehan goes to the pool. Jalpari smiles. Shayari comes there and sees her. She says she looks innocent, but she is really bad.

Jalpari asks Rehan to go and sleep. She says you don’t need rest, you are a powerful jinn. Rehan says you talk a lot, your magic won’t work here. He thinks Khanna didn’t meet me, he left the files here. She throws water on his hands. Rehan gets shocked seeing a flying dragon. He jumps down. He imagines the dragon and fights. Jalpari says he is seeing what isn’t there. Rehan jumps in the pool.

Aman and Roshni have a laugh. Aman says Armaan doesn’t sleep, as he is a jinn. Roshni says he has Ayana powers. He shows Armaan’s jinn powers. She says no, its Ayana powers. The vase hits the mirror. Shayari falls asleep. She gets up and says I will just go and see Rehan once. Jalpari holds Rehan’s hands and hypnotizes him. He smiles. He also becomes a mermaid.

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Armaan smiles. Roshni says his eyes are getting blue. Aman sees the water turning black. He asks Roshni why did the water get black. Roshni says he wants to tell us something, Rehan… They come to the pool side. They get shocked seeing Rehan with Jalpari. Rehan comes out and says actually, my ring fell down in the water, so I went to take it. Roshni asks are you fine. He says yes.

Rehan doesn’t remember anything. He says she didn’t do anything. Aman says so you jumped in the water, just for a ring, its a beautiful ring. He smiles. Rehan asks them to go and rest. Aman says yes, we will go, you are here. Rehan says yes, you also go. Shayari says wait, remember I told you we have to find a good jinn, who helps us in shutting the jinn hell door, I found him out, someone has to come with me to get him. They see Rehan.

Shayari asks Rehan to come, Aman and Roshni have to be with Armaan. Roshni says yes, it will be wrong to send Shayari alone, go with her. Aman says its necessary to shut the door, we should find the jinn. Rehan says fine, I will go if you say. Aman asks Roshni to go, he will keep an eye on jalpari. Jalpari smiles. Roshni says I don’t want to leave you alone here, please come.

Aman says its imp to keep an eye on her. She says yes, but we can keep a watch from our room, come. They go. Jalpari throws some water. Armaan drops his blanket there and stops the water from reaching them. Rehan thinks why do I think I m forgetting something.

Shayari thinks he is thinking about Jalpari. She argues with him. He asks where are we going. She says Kiki, black cave. He asks what. She says key makers. He jokes. She says kiki knows about every portal and door, he helps everyone, he is really good. Aman and Roshni see jalpari. Aman says parents don’t get to sleep, but here Jalpari ruined our sleep, normal people have good lives, I feel if I wasn’t jinnat king and you weren’t Ayana, our life would have been beautiful.

Roshni says its still beautiful, we have Armaan, we have advantages of our powers also. They recall. Aman says I will get Armaan’s blanket and come. Jalpari stares at him. He takes the wet blanket and keeps on the chair. The water drops on the floor. Shayari says we reached, shall we go. Rehan says I m fine, we have come so far. Aman and Roshni sit talking. The water spreads on the floor.

Jalpari tries to hypnotize Aman and Roshni. They both get hypnptized. They fall into the pool.

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