Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 26th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 26th September 2020 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai Letest Episode Of 26th September 2020. Written Updates On

Episode starts with Naira looking for Desais. Naksh and Samar ask the watchman about Naira. Naksh says she is pregnant. He describes Naira. Watchman says she has gone to the petrol pump. Naira sees a tempo parked there and says Kartik. She climbs up to see. Her dress gets stuck there. She climbs back again. Naksh shouts Naira. She turns.

Kartik is fallen unconscious in the tempo. Naira shouts Naksh…. Naksh says yes Dadi, I will get her home. Naira says it means he doesn’t believe me, they worry for me and want me home. The tempo starts moving. She feels pain in her stomach. Naksh says where are you Naira, I know you are strong and brave, anything can happen to you and your baby. Samarth says we should take police help. The tempo stops.

Naira gets down. The tempo leaves. She sees the same spice brand. She sees Krishna and her parents inside. She gets shocked. She shouts Krishna. She gets Naksh’s call. She says listen to me.
Naksh asks where are you, you should care for yourself and baby. Naira says sorry, I worry for Kartik also, help me, I got a big clue.

Naksh says leave the clue, police will find Kartik, please come back home. She says I won’t come, I will do what I find right. She ends call and says sorry, I have to find Kartik on my own. She boards a bus. Some men snatch her bag and flee on the bike. She says my bag had baby items. The people say you can’t catch them, they went on the motor bike.

Naira says my bag had everything. The lady says be thankful that you are fine. Naira asks how will I go now. The people say we will arrange the bus ticket for you. A man gives her money. She cries. The man says I will ask the driver to drive slow. Naira says thanks, but I have to reach there on time.

The bus leaves. FB shows Kartik and Naira arguing. She says its just four months, you have imposed many restrictions. He says you will kill me, you got risky plans in front of me. She says your daughter will be happy if I learn this dance. He says no need to go to auditorium to watch Balle, I can show it here, just sit here and close your eyes. He plays music and does belle dancing. She laughs. She says I can take care of myself, baby and you as well. He says yes, you are my lioness, world’s strongest mumma. She says my baby is my strength, not weakness, I just felt the first kick.

Kartik also feels it by keeping his hand on her tummy. He says my daughter got happy hearing your praise. FB ends. She says we miss you Kartik, come back soon. Naira asks the man about the Masala factory. The man says there are many such factories, any local man can help you. She gets down the bus. She asks a man about the factory and Kartik. She cries.

Dadi asks why did you come here Kirti. Kirti says no, I was worried, don’t worry for Krish. Dadi says he will be worried if he knows this. Kirti says don’t worry. Akhilesh says I spoke to police, we didn’t find about Kartik, I gave Naira’s details to police. Bhabhimaa says I can’t have anything until Naira’s news comes. A man delivers pizza.

Krish says that was fast, I made the payment online. Kirti says there is food made at home. He says I don’t like the curry. Dadi says leave it, he is a kid. He says love you and goes. She says at least someone smiled in this house.

Naira stumbles and her shoe gets damaged. She thinks I may fall. She ties a rope to her damaged shoe. The baby kicks. Naira says doctor asked me to keep having water. She asks a man about any shop where she can get drinking water. The man says its 2km far. She cries and starts walking. She gets tired and sits. She prays for help.

Kartik jumps down the truck. He takes Krishna with him. Mr and Mrs. Desai follow him. Kartik hides. Naira gets Kartik’s wallet. She says I m coming Kartik.

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