[Answers] Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers Today December 19, 2020

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Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz answers ' December 19, 2020

1) Kiwi fruit is named after the Kiwi bird

Answer : Not Fake

2) The slogan Ê»Inquilab Zindabad’ was coined by Bhagat Singh

Answer : Fake

3) The last letter added to our alphabet is ‘J’

Answer : Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz answers ' December 18, 2020

Question 1: East Bengal football jersey is inspired by Rasogolla

Answer 1: Fake

Question 2: Indian state Maharashtra is bigger than the United Kingdom

Answer 2: Not Fake

Question 3: It takes 12 worker bees to produce a single teaspoon of honey

Answer 3: Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz answers ' December 17, 2020

Question 1 - The brand MDH started in Pakistan.

Ans 1 - FAKE

Question 2 - Octopus has 3 hearts.

Ans 2 - NOT FAKE

Question 3 - Brain is 60% fat.

Ans 3 - NOT FAKE

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz answers ' December 16, 2020

Question 1 - Mustard seeds are the smallest seeds.

Ans - FAKE

Question 2 - Maldives is the smallest country in the world.

Ans - FAKE

Question 3 - Coronavirus Is Worshipped In India.


[Answers] Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake Answers - 15 December 2020

Q1. First Prime Minister of Mauritius was from Bihar.


Q2. Koalas have human-like fingerprints.


Q3. M.S Dhoni has the highest number of stumpings in the world in T20 cricket.

Ans - FAKE


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