Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Allegations On Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bapuji/Praful pleads boy’s family that they are misunderstood as Gehna is not like they think. Boy’s father yells that the cannot change the truth. Anant warns him to leave if he doesn’t need this alliance, but not insult them. Father continues that Praful tried to push his characterless daughter towards them, he will defame him in whole society for his dual standards. Gehna pleads to insult her but not her Bapuji. Sagar grins thinkiing he took revenge from Gehna for his insult. They walk away continuing to yell kicking rangli’s color on Praful. Praful stands shattered. Gehna holds his feet and says apologizes that he had to bear insult because of her. Praful says its not her mistakes and walks in. Ananth says it was his mistake to call people without verifying their background. Gehna tells Baa its her mistake and will not marry. Baa says she will rule like a queen as per guruji. Gehna walks to her guest house sadly crying and touches Anant’s hand while passing by. Tia and Radhika console Gehna that it was not her mistake and whatever hapened is for good as boys’ family doesn’t deserve her.

Praful tells Anant that Gehna had to bear insult because of them. Anant says he will find another alliance online. Kanak says online alliances are untrustable like today’s one, so they should find an offline alliance after proper verification. Baa says she is right. Kanak says she knows her aunt’s son who works abroad and is a perfect match for Gehna and will discuss about Gehna’s alliance with her aunt. Anant asks what is boy’s name. Kanak says Ujwal Parekh. After she returns home, Pankaj asks who is Ujwal Parekh, he never heard her discussing about her aunt or her son. Kanak says she will make Gehna dance to her tunes like a puppet and make her life hell. Hema says she is sending Gehna to abroad instead and is securing her life. Kanak says Ujwal stays in US and visits his village once in a few years, Gehna will stay with her mother-in-law/MIL who is a miser and will treat her like a servant. Hema and Hiral get happy hearing that.

Anant stands on terrace feeling sad for Gehna. Radhika walks to him and asks if he is thinking about Gehna, whatever happened today is good as they found out about boys’ family beforehand. Anant says Gehna’s father saved Bapuji’s life and he wants Gehna to lead a happy life. Radhika says Gehhna will get a perfect family and life partner as he desires and should cross verify on family background first. He says he has hired an agency for that. He finds Gehna’s earring and walks to her room to return it. Gehna busy reading book greets him. He asks if she is reading book and returns her earring. She gets hiccups. He holds her mouth and nose and wards off her hiccups, asks not to think about whatever happened today and be happy. She says good morning. He says good night and leaves.

Next day, Kanak calls home her aunt and son Ujwal and introduces them to family. Bapuji asks what does Ujwal do. Ujwal says he does job in Muscat. Aunt says her son is very talented and asks if Gehna cannot speak. Radhika says she can speak. Aunt starts overpowering and showing her rude nature, says during her daughter’s alliance, she prepared tea for her daughter’s MIL. Baa says she will prepare tea for her then and leaves. Aunt continues her yelling and asks Gehna to walk. Radhika asks what does she mean. Aunt asks who is she. Hema says she is Anant’s girlfriend. Aunt yells she is visiting home even before marriage. Kanak warns her to speak about Gehna and not others. Aunt insists Gehna to walk. Gehna walks. Aunt insists to walk fast. Gehna thinks she has to obey as she cannot disappointed her Baa and Bapuji again. Anant enters and stops Gehna.

Precap: Aunt yells why they allow Gehna to walk, if she has any defect in their daughter. Hema says she is not a daughter. Praful says more than a daughter. Aunt says she accepts this alliance. Anant says we don’t.

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