Sai and Virat Love Story – Chapter 3

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its start with virat waking up and goes to take shower and comes back to find sai still sleeping he goes to wake sai to prepare, he goes near her and calls her name,

virat:- sai wake up, we will be late

sai:- dad please, five minutes. then she wakes and looks for virat who had sad face.

sai:- its ok, i will be ready and goes to wash room to take a shower.


sai complete her shower and comes to dry her hair, virat on call.


sai:- please god lets end this day with out any drama,virat after completing his call:- dont wary, Nothing will happen today.


they go to have breakfast and as virat say it was quite.

ashwini:- virat, when you take sai to college don’t come back immediately, show her the city.


virat:- sai isn’t here far a holiday, she will have alot of chances to see the city.


ashwini:- when will you both go to some place together, alone? she will start her college and you your job.


virat:- ok we will have our lunch outside turning to sai are you ready sai nod to him and they go.


after completing sai admission they go for a ride.

virat:- so where do you want to go?

sai:- you asking me as if i know some places here.

virat:- don’t lie, you know about nagpur more than me, wasn’t your biggest dream to come here?


sai:- actually there is rasturant i wanted to come to with my dad she says sadly.


virat:- so, lets think you come here and you dad didn’t want to come, because we know how he hated outside food so you remember me and sayed to your self why don’t ienvite virat sir for lunch he did a lot for me, so you called me and i came, now tell me the address.


she tells the address and they go there and order food.


virat:- i must say you know how to find places says while looking at the rasturant.


sai smiles then comes their food.

while eating sai start to laugh.


virat:- what?

sai:- i always have that thought that when i get married my in laws won’t approve my study and will make me a washing and Children’s machine.


virat:- no we don’t think that even, if it’s wasn’t my promise it would be good if we had a doctor in our family.


sai:- yaah especially with your family, they need one.

virat:- excuse me, what do you mean by that, you don’t know my family they are not fighting every day.


sai:- do you mean I’m the problem?

virat:- no, i didn’t mean that, what i mean is my family is very quiet and loving family.


sai:- ok, lets make a bet if this day ends without any drama you win if same thing happens i win.

virat:- ok,what’s do the winner get?

sai:- loved you confidence,the winner ask the loser to do anything he wants.


virat:- ok, if i win you wash the dishs today.

sai laughs and if i win i will tell you every day what i study that day its work last night and i didn’t forget what i studied.

virat:- ok,but even if you didn’t win i will do that for you.

she looks at him and they have an eyelock,

then sai comes to her sense and says:- no,you aren’t trust worthy, what if same day come tired from work and didn’t want to listen,i have to make sure of it.


virat:- even if i came tired sameday i will listen to you.

they have another eyelock enterpted by the waiter asking if they need anything.

virat:- yes,the check please.

the day ends without any drama, and virat remembering sai of the bet.


karishma says teasingly to virat:- so will you wash the dishs today also?


same members laugh and virat looks at sai says mybe.


sai:- no its not needed.


ashwini asks while laughing:- why? wasn’t you who insisted to virat to wash them yesterday?


sai acting innocently:- no i will wash them today, as virat sir is tired today because of me and my admission.


ashwini:- no need to wash them, you also get tired today and i wasn’t really making virat washs them.


this shocks virat and he says in slow voice to a smiling sai :- that’s cheating.


sai:- no, it’s not, i was going to wash them, no one asked your mother to prevented me so it’s not cheating.


virat:- no one asked,really, what about that innocent face you made?


sai by making the same face:- what do you mean? it’s my real face.

virat looked at her and laughs.

this while scene was watched by pakhi.


this chapter ends here as someone gussed it samrat is coming back i started writing this chapter with the thought of getting him in but its get long so shifted him to the upcoming chapter which will be here tomorrow, i hope πŸ˜‚.

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