Tu Jaane Naa – THE MEET ( Part 6)

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Let’s go to the episode now.
Mishti is in her hospital . She is carrying Rithu in her arms as she is sick.

Mishti rushes to her friend Priya

Priya: What happened Mishti

Mishti: Priya Mishtinis running high temperature from night do something

Priya: I’ll take care..you don’t worry

Priya gets Mishti in her arms and Mishti goes out. She helps her colleague as she is carrying lot of files..Mishti gets some of them and walks her way when she dashes on a guy

The files and Mishti fall down but the guy holds her. Mishti who has closed the eyes in fright feels the grasp to be familiar and opens her eyes to see Abir holding her. Tears run down their eyes.
Flashback rolls on

That night after the rains and patch up Abir takes Mishti to his room. Mishti hugs him tightly as there was a thunder.

Abir looks down and kisses her ..as the lights go off Abir and Mishti get intimate.

Yeh Rishtey Hai
Na Pyaar Ke Tere Mere
Lagte Hai Yeh
Mujhko Sagar Se Bhi Gehre
Tumse Pyar Humein Hain
Kitna Jaane Jaana
Tumse Mil Kar
Tumko Hai Batana
Dheere Dheere Se
Meri Zindagi Mein Aana
Dheere Dheere Se
Mere Dil Ko Churana plays in background

They are brought to reality when Rithu runs to them

Rithu: Muma…Muma…who is this

Mishti picks her up in her arms and turns to see Abir standing there with tears in his eyes

Mishti: Rithu he is AM…

Rithu: Morning..

Mishti: Nahi..

Rithu: Acha Abir Mehra

Mishti nods while Abir is standing there stunned

Abir: Mishti..Yeh….

Mishti: The responsibility which you denied

Mishti walks away leaving a perplexed Abir there.


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