Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira recalls the past decision

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira crying and going. Kartik asks what did she do Kairav, did she get angry or ask anything, she might have loved you, she loves you a lot. Kairav asks did she come here, she knows our address. Kartik says no, she didn’t come, you love her and saw her, you felt her by your heart, you can come and talk to me. FB shows Doctor saying Kairav is scared of police and Naira, because she thinks Kairav has pushed Vansh, but he is scared, he will get fine with time, but he may get a panic attack on seeing Naira, he already has a heart condition. Naira throws things and gets angry on herself. She says I didn’t trust Kairav, I couldn’t stop the same thing from happening, I have to bear the punishment of my own bad deeds. She cries. Kartik asks her to calm down. She says our life got bad. He says everything will be fine.

She says I will not come in front of Kairav until he gets fine, this is his treatment, I will not show my face to him. Kartik says I will remove this fear from his heart, I will try that he gets fine. FB ends. Naira cries. Kartik makes Kairav sleep. She says my mistake wasn’t small, but the punishment is too big. She sits crying. She says I can’t wish my son on his birthday.

Its morning, Naira recalls Kairav’s fear. She dances in anger. Mere dholna….plays…. The girls dance with her. Watchman looks on. Dadi sees the pic and smiles. Suwarna comes. Dadi asks her to see the lovely pic. Suwarna smiles and says it looks good to see them together. Dadi says I wish they always stay together. Suwarna asks did you give them good news. Dadi says no, they went out yesterday. Suwarna says call them now. Kartik fixes his cycle. He gets Dadi’s voice message. He calls Naira. He signs her. Watchman says a new film today. The girls see Kartik and says he is that cute guy, he is signing again. Naira hears the girls talking. She asks what happened, go and practice. Kartik calls Naira. She says you do this for girls attention, right. He smiles. She says you could have called me directly. He says I will be a heartbreaker at 75 also, I had called you, relax, Dadi wants to have a video call with four of us.

Dadi says Manish, see the pic. Manish says its a month now. Suwarna explains him. Naksh says one day, they have to come back. Manish says better if they come before my death. Dadi asks how can you say this. Manish says sorry. Gayu makes Vansh walk using a support. Krishna and Krish come to Vansh. Krish asks do you miss Vansh. Vansh says a lot. Krish says I m staying here since a month, but Kairav is his best brother. Krishna says because we are elder. Kirti says we shall go. Suwarna says no way. Naksh says I came here to fill Kartik’s place and do his duty. Krishna asks Dadi to make a call to Kartik. Everyone calls Kartik.

Kartik wishes Dadi. Dadi says I want to see your family together. Kartik says its tough, we are not together all the time. He asks Krishna how is she. Krishna asks can I change my school. Naira says no, we will see next year. Krishna says I miss you all. Suwarna says Krishna also misses you, she doesn’t trouble anyone. Dadi asks where is Kairav. Kartik says he is inside. Naira asks how are Vansh, Gayu and Vatsal. Gayu goes. Kartik asks Dadi to talk to Kairav. He says look at him, he is still sleeping, shall I wake him up or not. Dadi says wake him up. Naira worries.

Naira says I m talking about Kairav’s birthday. Kartik says its my birthday also. Naira dances on Kamli song….

Update Credit to: Amena

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