Bhagya Lakshmi 9th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 9th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update

 Lakshmi explains they donot want her to be a part of Rishis life and this is the only way she thought of replying to them as she did not listen to them, Bani questions if this was the only way which she thought, Lakshmi questions why are they not understanding because they are really wealthy people and would have used all their resources just as Malishka threatened to buy the entire Chawl to ruin them, and she can do it with the help of her father, Shalu and Bani are still not understanding anything, Lakshmi explains that she signed it only to meet Rishi because they would not allow her to meet him like this but she needs to reveal the entire truth to Rishi as this can only happen when she finally gets to meet him in the court, Shalu asks thn what about everyone else, Lakshmi reveals that the the teachings of her family are different from that of the Oberoi because she only wants to be with rishi, and when two people are married then both the families know that they are suitable for eachother but here they are different as she believes what her parents said, that when they get marriage then the relation is for lifetime but his family thinks that she is jus this wife for one year, however according to her belief her relation is joined for the entire lifetimes so now she is going to see if her relation is stronger then that of Malishka,. Shalu questions what about the court as they only see the proof and her proof is the signature when Lakshmi replies that even there is another court of Bhawan and when he has joined their relation then how would they let it break, she hugs her sisters looking at the Mandir.

Rishi is really tensed thinking how Malishka asked him to see that Lakshmi signed the papers, he cannot understand what happened, Sonia comes informing him that Malishka is calling him downstairs, he questions the reason but she doesnot know it, he replies he knows it really well but she must go and tell them that she was not able to find him, Sonia questions what is he saying because he just came up stairs without telling anything, she explains that Malishka is really angry with his behavior when he questions what does Malishka want, Rishi asks her to come as now he is going to do the drama that she desires, Rishi goes straight to Malishka going what is she doing when he questions if she threatened Lakshmi, Aayush asks why is she not asking Rishi herself, Karishma asks him to be quiet.

Rishi is really angry with Malishka when her mother says he cannot talk with her like this because she loves him and it is not the case, Rishi replies that when her daughter wanted to have this drama then what can he do about it, even he is helpless, Malishka questions why is he acting like this and what has she done, Rishi questions if she really wants to know what she has done, when she agrees he replies she is just trying to create misunderstanding between him and Lakshmi, and she signed the papers, Malishka questions if this is what he thinks of her, Rishi replies her actions forced him because she placed the necklace that she liked in the bag of Lakshmi, he questions what revenge is she trying to take from her, Karishma explains that she only does it because he makes her feel uncomfortable, Rishi assures he did not made her feel uncomfortable that time, Neelam replies she doesnot care who signed the papers but they both would be called to the family court and then would get to know who signed the papers but till that time he should sign it, Virender stops Rishi from signing the papers, Neelam questions why is he stopping Rishi, Virender replies because Rishi feels she did not sign the papers and if this comes out the truth then Lakshmi would get really hurt, Neelam exclaims she doesnot understand one thing because if both Rishi and Lakshmi donot want to live like a couple then why is he creating the scene, Virender questions what if they want to live like it, Malishka replies but Laksshmi doesnot want to live with him and wants the divorce as early as possible, she even wants to have it tomorrow morning when Aahana suggests they should call her but Rishi replies no one would call her because he will himself to meet her, Aayush also goes with Rishi. Dadi questions why the divorce when she knows Rishi wants to be with Lakshmi however Neelam explains it is just an ego because he cannot understand how a girl like Lakshmi is divorcing him, Virender replies he also knows how she tends to make love into ego just once, he is about to leave when she stops him saying he must stop instigating her son as the reason Rishi is acting like this is because of his behavior.

Rishi stops the car when Aayush asks him to calm down, he starts banging on the door and Lakshmi opens it, he questions that Malishka gave him some papers when Malishka tries to interfere but he stops her, Rishi questions if she signed it because Malishka gave the papers, Lakshmi replies that she signed the papers, Malishka questions if he now believes her because she herself signed the papers and now even wants the alimony, Rishi exclaims if she wants the divorce then he will also give it to her, he asks Malishka to file the case. Aayush replies that he doesnot like what she did for the first time because it is really wrong,. Rishi asks him to stop saying that if she wants the money then he will give her all the money that she desires, Rishi comes back asking what did she say that he is a bad person. Malishka asks her to not listen to him because she is doing the right thing and will get the money.
Neha turning back wonders what does Rishi want because he first wanted to be with Malishka but now doesnot want to end this relation, Shalu and Bani also exclaim that Rishi was hurt, Lakshmi replies and she also felt the pain when he got hurt, Bani replies now the case will go in the court but Lakshmi asks if the court is for the justice so their relation would never end.
Rishi in anger walks to the car, he stands thinking about all the beautiful memories that he spent with Lakshmi, he is standing not able to understand how Lakshmi signed the papers, he turns to see her standing with tears in her eyes but he gets in the car singling them both to come, he drives off but Shalu exclaims if this is strange but the way he got angry, reveals that he still wants to be with her, Lakshmi replies she wants to get back into that house within two days.

Rishi is driving the car thinking about Lakshmi, seeing the speed at which he is driving both Malishka and Aayush ask him to drive slowly as it is getting really fast but Rishi just stops the car when Malishka asks him to let her drive, he instead of getting in the car starts running but Aayush exclaims that she must let him run because he tends to start running like this when he gets angry, Rishi starts running and goes into a small road which worries Malishka who wonders how would they be able to follow him, Aayush explains he is saying they must not follow him.

Virender is trying to call Rishi but he is not answering when he replies that when Rishi finds out that Lakshmi did not sign the papers then would get really angry with Malishka, he is able to connect the call with Aayush, who answers it, Virender advises him to control Rishi because he would be angry with Malishka when she reveals that he was really angry and was even driving really rash, Dadi asks why is she still with him because she must go away from him, as he is a gentleman, Malishka questions if she will let her speak mentioning now they are going to trust her, she reveals Lakshmi herself accepted that she signed the papers after which Rishi also signed the papers, Malishka says now they are going to believe her and today the court hearing has also been finalized, Virender is really angry hearing this so ends the call, Aayush is really frustrated.

Precap: Malishka tells her mother, I will change everything. They won’t even remember that anyone named Lakshmi existed in their lives. She looks at the divorce papers. Other side, Lakshmi tells Shalu, I and Rishi will go to the court to separate, but will come out by becoming one. I just don’t know what’s going to happen in this test of mine. Rishi tells Aayush that whatever is happening is wrong. In court, Rishi’s lawyer tells him that a straight forward judge is assigned to their case. One hearing and case over. The judge asks Lakshmi whether she also wants divorce. Later, she says there is no point of forceful relation, and hence, she will grant the divorce.

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